Fixed rates drop since January

Rates on fixed interest mortgages plummeting since January Average rates across all fixed mortgage terms have fallen since the start of the year. According to research from data provider, the average two-year fixed rate has reduced the most, falling by 0.24% since January this year to 2.52%. Five-year fixed rates have dropped from 3.29% in January, to the current 3.10% and the 10-year rate has fallen to 3.43% from January’s 3.63%. Charlotte Nelson, finance expert at said: “With read more

Low Mortgage Rates Forever???

Low rates forever? Or are the experts wrong – again? Are we expecting low rates forever? Or are experts wrong? CREDIT: A RICHARD ALLEN • Richard Evans, PERSONAL FINANCE EDITOR 17 July 2016 • 8:11am “Experts” attracted a lot of criticism from the pro-Brexit side during the referendum campaign for their allegedly excessive doom-mongering and suspiciously precise predictions of disaster. But one group of experts who do have a poor record is those who attempt to predict when interest rates are going to rise. Ever read more

ROBO-ADVICE the next miss-selling scandal

SCM Direct also estimates that an average UK robo account would need to be invested for nearly 11 years to reach profitability. However, its findings show the average holding period for a robo-adviser client may be just 3 years, partly the result of many targeting the ‘millennial’ market. Additionally, it claims that 80% of websites use risk questionnaires but 25% of these firms did not possess the regulatory permission to give advice to retail clients. In its report, SCM says that evidence from a sample of 10 read more