In or out??? You questions on Britexit

Prices, property, pensions: 30 EU referendum questions answered Will the nation’s decision on 23 June make you richer or poorer? We address the key consumer concerns PRICES Will food prices go up or down if we vote to leave the EU? David Cameron says families would face increased food bills of more than £220 a year if Britain left because so much of our food is imported from the single market. His claims are based on a belief that the pound would fall in value by 12%, making imports more expensive. But critics read more

Nat West and RBS say Bye-Bye to ex pat mortgages

Natwest and RBS will terminate all lending to expats from Thursday 19 May, including applications from existing customers looking to access additional finance or extend their mortgage term. The lenders will still consider applications from serving members of HM Armed Forces, UK Diplomats or UK Consular staff, following standard residential mortgage criteria. RBS said a review of demand for its products from customers weighed against the costs and complexity of providing these deals safely to customers had prompted read more