Does Help to Buy impact affordability?

"The big surprise from this test, however, was the lenders that fell short on affordability. In our tests it was major landers including Barclays, Halifax, Santander (not five-year fixed rate) and TSB that fell short." read more

Help to buy! Is it really helping???

I have never been a fan of Help to Buy but the article below explain, eloquently, more reasons why it is not a good idea. read more

Help to buy has come to a end but there is still good news.

One of the Government's key policies aimed at helping first-time buyers closes tomorrow, having assisted around 100,000 people buy properties. The Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme - launched in 2014 and widely condemned for inflating house prices - was one of George Osborne's more controversial housing policies. It was designed to encourage banks and building societies to resume offering mortgages to buyers with deposits as small as 5pc. These mortgages had been widely available ahead of the 2007-2008 banking read more

Halifax continues 95% after help to buy

It is good to see a lot of major lenders are continuing to lend at 95% even after the government will be discontinuing the help to buy after December 2016. Halifax Intermediaries today announced plans to continue supporting mortgage borrowers beyond the end date of the government’s Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme on 31st December 2016. The lender will offer a new range of products for borrowers with deposits of 5%, with full details of the new product range and policies to be announced in December. More read more

In or out??? You questions on Britexit

Prices, property, pensions: 30 EU referendum questions answered Will the nation’s decision on 23 June make you richer or poorer? We address the key consumer concerns PRICES Will food prices go up or down if we vote to leave the EU? David Cameron says families would face increased food bills of more than £220 a year if Britain left because so much of our food is imported from the single market. His claims are based on a belief that the pound would fall in value by 12%, making imports more expensive. But critics read more

Buying a house in Glasgow is more cost Effective that Renting

Buying a home is more cost-effective than renting in 48% of British cities, according to a property website. Zoopla analysed the asking prices and rents of two-bedroom homes currently on the market in the UK's biggest cities. It found that buying works out cheaper than renting in many parts of Scotland, northern England and the West Midlands. Glasgow, Coventry and Birmingham were the top three cities for cost-effective buying. Cambridge, London and Brighton were top for cost-effective renting. Top 10 read more

We need a government that will stop doing this

Mortgages for homeowners and buy-to-let landlords could become more expensive under new rules being imposed by international regulators, an industry trade body has warned. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said the global rules were likely to have “unintended and negative consequences” for buy-to-let borrowers and those borrowing to finance the purchase of their own home. It warned that the Basel committee on banking supervision – which sets rules to be adopted by national banking regulators – could require read more