Landlords warned to prepare for surge of post-lockdown tenant moves

Nick Lyons, CEO and Founder of No Letting Go, says: “The combination of tenants whose contracts are expiring, who wanted to move before or during lockdown means the next few weeks and months are likely to be extremely busy for agents and landlords.” read more

More help needed for renters: Generation Rent

“The campaign group criticised Rishi Sunak for offering restaurant vouchers to encourage people to dine out, while many renters are struggling to afford to cover the basic costs of food and accommodation.” read more

Confusion over pet bans in rental accommodation

"Only 7% of rental properties are advertised as being suitable for tenants with pets, even though 2019 study by Landbay found that almost one in seven renters rated 'pets being allowed in the property' as their most important requirement." read more

New BBC documentary to highlight the growing trend of tenants subletting rented accommodation on sites like AirBnb

BBC Inside Out, which was aired on 28/10/19 highlights the growing number of people making a business out of their tenancy via short-term rental platforms, without their landlords’ permission. The episode covers the story of a landlord who ended up £10,000 out of pocket after his tenants ‘professionally’ sublet his property in Bloomsbury on Airbnb. read more