Mortgage Brokers V Banks

Just what advantages can we, as a mortgage broker give you that a bank can’t? Well, as it turns out, there are more than you probably think…

1) Brokers can search all fixed rate products in 5 minutes.

Banks cannot search another lenders product. Only their own so, how do you know you are saving the most money?  Brokers can search the whole financial market to insure you have the best deal.

2) Brokers make the mortgage process easy.

Most banks have a 9-5 approach and it could take up to 2 weeks to secure an initial appointment. M.I.C. brokers work at the convenience of their customers and that means weekend and late nights. In that way, you can focus on your job and we will focus on your mortgage.

3) Brokers can compare fixed rates, fees and benefits in minutes.

Banks will only focus on their product. Brokers can compare products from all the financial intuition looking to lend money. Your circumstance may not fit your banks criteria but with a broker we can find a financial institution that can fit your special circumstances.

4) Brokers work faster than banks for pre-approvals.

Brokers can get to the point much faster than a bank. We are experts at collating relevant information quickly and make ‘Approval in Principals’ a priory.

5) Hours to suit you

We know most people work during the day so, to suit you the customer we work weekends and evenings something most banks are not prepared to do.

6) Brokers treat customers like people and not numbers.

One of the biggest customer complaints after dealing with a bank is that they did not listen to their circumstances and felt like a number. Brokers have 100’s of product from different financial intuition and can fit the need to the product. We care, we listen and find the solution.

7) Brokers can save you money.



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