Privacy Notice


This privacy notice explains how Mortgage Information Centre collect, manages, uses and protects data. It outlines the types of data we hold and how we use that data to provide services to our customers.

Our Legal Basis for Processing Data

Mortgage Information centre processes and stores personal information relating to our customers who require mortgage lending or life assurance.

Where your data comes from?

Most of the data held by mortgage information centre is obtained directly from our customers and mortgage lenders

Some information may also come from reliable, public sources. For example, credit reporting facilities.

The data we hold

We hold the following types of information about our customers:

  • Your name, title, gender and date of birth
  • Your address, any previous address, your email addresses and telephone number
  • A log of our interactions with you, including agreed notes from any meetings with you, communications we have sent or if we have received communication from you.
  • Communication preferences, such as whether you wish to be contacted by post, email, or if you have told us you do not want any contact from us.
  • We may also hold some of the following based on the information you provide to us or, in some cases, from trustworthy public sources.
  • Business details, such as job title, employer/company name and contact information.
  • The name of your partner or other family relationships.

How we use your data

Mortgage information centre uses your data for the purposes of processing mortgages and Life assurance application.

At Mortgage Information Centre we contact you to keep you informed of the progress of any such applications.

Protecting your data

The personal information we obtain is processed in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. When the legislation is amended or replaced, we review and update our data processing practices accordingly.

Your data is always securely processed and transmitted, protecting against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage. Your data will not be disclosed to any external organisations expect those offering mortgage loans or life assurance policies. Data is never “sold” to third parties.

How long is data kept

Mortgage Information Centre retains your data for a period of six years in line with our statutory requirements

Your rights and Preferences

The mortgage information centre considers its relationship with customers. You always have the right to request or access a copy of your data that we hold about you.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please contact us at:

Mortgage Information centre
52 Quarry Street
Tele: 01698283301